common grounds
a coffee conversation card deck – made for friends, perfect for strangers.

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Say hello to Common Grounds.

We live in a beautiful world, rich with technology, entertainment, food, and of course, coffee. However, what we as humans crave more than anything, is connection, happiness and sometimes a moment out of the day to yourself.

Introducing Common Grounds – an honest deck of cards encouraging real conversations with friends, loved ones and strangers, around our favourite topic – coffee.

Through 50 smooth question cards and 10 bold challenge cards, players are encouraged to come up with thoughtful answers by taking turns asking each other questions. You can even play on your own, using the cards for self-reflection while having your morning coffee.

Choose a question card as a conversation starter to spark a deeper connection. Use a challenge card when you're daring to step outside of your coffee comfort zone.

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Hey friends, we are TheMonday!

We’re a team of coffee appreciators from Brisbane, Australia. We've thrown ourselves into the world of specialty coffee over the past 5 years, learning, sharing and enjoying what we find along the way.

We love to host local coffee festivals, tasting events, latte art competitions and more that encourage learning and community around coffee. We're big believers in community, and our brand new conversation deck is here to get the conversation going between new friends and old.

We've combined our passion for good design and beautiful products with our intention to continue the conversation from the experiences and moments we've collected.

For us, it's all in the details. As a team of passionate graphic designers who appreciate quality products and great experiences. Our conversation deck is thoughtfully crafted to be a meaningful exploration of the connection we enjoy every day.

So come along, join in the fun and conversation, and get together with some friends around a deck of Common Grounds – all that's missing is you!

Select your Reward from a single deck, a gift set for loved ones, through to wholesale packs for those who want to bring the Common Grounds fun to their cafe, book shop or retail shelf!

Keep enjoying coffee every day—

xo TheMonday

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© themonday 2021
—your friends in coffee